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In The Laws of Simplicity John Maeda defines in one line what is perhaps the single most significant tenet of our time: “Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful.” On the back of decades of posturing and pageantry, of adding-on and showing-off, of wearing our socio-political views and lifestyle choices quite literally on our sleeves, a counter movement to counter movements is rolling in like an easy wave, a long slow exhale. Our thinking around what it is to truly imbue our lives with meaning and participate in shaping our cultural architecture is slowly beginning to shift. It’s new kind of bohemian – one of bare essentials, raw materials, and a less-than-less-is-more approach. As it turns out bohemian isn’t dead, it’s just been meditating. (via The Luxury of less | RusshMagazine)

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Feeling a bit B&W this week.

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